First Game
First Game 1/20/12

<frost> - GAME ON -
<frost> ROLL CALL: What is one of your fav songs?
<elpidius> DOn’t make me choose.
<haal> These Things-She Wants Revenge
<samm> brain lock
<elpidius> I’d have to classify it based on genre and subgenre and current mood. :(
<tallstafff> Every Tripod song
<vaquero> The Skyrim theme song
<frost> I said one of.
<elpidius> Nerevar Rising – Morrowind Main Theme
<samm> in the mood as played by the boston pops on the 1988 ford factory sound experience casssette
<vaquero> Or “Dragon Rider” by “Two steps from hell”
<elpidius> Or maybe Take Five.
<frost> ok ok
<elpidius> That’s a really good one
<maxim> uhh, I’ll go with my current fav
<maxim> ’I’m just a singer in a rock’n roll band’ by moody blues
<elpidius> >Examine A SULTRY, BUSTY HUMAN

  • Vaquero staggers through the door, his cloak billowing around him. The male human looks out of place, the roughly made chain shirt and buckler strapped over the dyed cotton garb of a nobleman or perhaps a merchant. He scratches at the two days of stubble on his beard and glances around this unfamiliar place.
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    <vaquero> The fuck
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  • Topic is ’Xaros’s Game: Friday 9pm EST http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/ragner Sheet you use is up to you. But you will be required to add your character information to the ObsidianPortal site.Register on the site, then PM me your name on it and I will add you as a player so you can add your character. First game: POSTPONED till 1/20/12’
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    <thewyrm> (Well that was… interesting)
  • TheWyrm staggers through the door, his cloak billowing around him. The male human looks out of place, the roughly made chain shirt and buckler strapped over the dyed cotton garb of a nobleman or perhaps a merchant. He scratches at the two days of stubble on his beard and glances around this unfamiliar place.
    <elpidius> (Should I PM you my desc, TheWyrm?)
    <thewyrm> (Yes please)
  • Haal sits at a table attempting to balance an arrow on his finger as his raptor chews on a bone utterly devoid of meat and covered in dino saliva
    <maxim> Ball of Light: “Thralls of Orcus. Hate those guys.”
  • TheWyrm glances over his shoulder at Elpidius. “That rainstorm yesterday on the way here sure was a nasty one.”
    <frost> TheWyrm: change your nick
    NOTICE: Automatic Ghosting has been disabled due to nickname change.
  • TheWyrm is now known as Vaquero
    <frost> Test
    <elpidius> "I haven’t seen such a gale for years. Trouble’s a’brewing.
  • Maxim notices Vaquero and Elpidius
    <elpidius> "
  • Haal glances over at the newcomers before noticing his dino has disappeared
    <maxim> “Hey, you here on Order buisness too?”
  • Samm over hears the rain comment and speaks up from the corner “Nothing nature conjures is nasty. it is what it is and all serves the purpose.”
    <frost> The bar keep smiles at Vaquero " What can I get ye sweetie? " she purrs out
    <haal> “Oh crap not again.”
    <elpidius> “I received a vision. Kord came down and spoke to me, ‘Venture here, and follow your destiny.’”
    <vaquero> “I’m here because… someome was really insistent that I come here.” He turns to the barkeep with a smile. “Hello Ma’am. I’d like a glass of wat… hang on.” He puts his ear to his shield and nods a few times. “You sure? I’m down to… oh fine. I’d like a glass of alcoholic refreshment for all the good folks gathered here.”
    <maxim> “Quite the gentlemen, eh? Sorry, I don’t drink on campaign. Messes with your spells, you know?”
  • Elpidius smiles, “I can drink to that!”
  • Maxim makes a knowing pointing gesture at his head
    <frost> She beams at him " even myself? " she winks at him as she turns and grabs glasses
    <frost> Vaquero Roll spot please
    <vaquero> r 1d20+3 spot
    <fayebot> Vaquero’s Roll: (9 + 3) = 12
    <maxim> Ball of light: “Oh oh, gimme a pilsner in an 8 oz!”
    <vaquero> “It seems there’s quite a few of us gathered… and from the cut of everyone’s demeanor I suspect all in the name of assisting this town.”
    <frost> she sets all the glasses on the bar top and then turns around, reaching to the top shelf and rummages around, grabbing what is probably her most expensive spirit. and begins pouring one for each and without waiting for his response pours one for herself.
    <maxim> “Akalyn, as hilarious as you get while you’re sloshed, now’s not the time. >>”
    <maxim> Ball of Light (Akalyn): “If I’m fightinig undead demons, I’m going to be too drunk to remember it!”
    <frost> Barkeep> " Drink up folks! It’s on someone else! " She picks her drink up and downs it quickly smiling at Vaquero " That’ll be … " she starts pointing at each of the patrons
    <maxim> “Oy vey.”
    <frost> " That’ll be thi… sixty gold please "
  • Elpidius tips his mug back and consumes it in one go, “Nothing’s better than free.”
  • Vaquero picks up his drink and glances down at the glass. He swirls the liquid as he mutters something, the tiny imperfections in the glass repairing themselves as tiny elven scrollwork appears around the edge. The handle takes on a crystaline intricacy and base gains a tiny maker’s mark of a ferret. He sighs and takes a swig of the potent beverage before paying out the gold he made from his last adventure.
  • Haal finds his raptor getting ready to jump at Vaquero, “Bowser just what do you think you’re doing?”
    <maxim> ‘Akalyn’ descends over the glass and suddenly the ball of light is replaced by a hovring spritelike woman wearing a sky blue summer dress… who is around two feet tall and has dragonfly wings. She picks up hte oversize glass with two hands and starts quaffing
    <vaquero> “I suppose I should introduce myself. I’m Vaquero Truelight, schollar and artist.” He flinches and glances at his shoulder as the heads of two ferrets poke out from his cloak. “And these two are Putorius Furro and Ferra. Please no sudden moves around Ferra, Putorius is a wee bit protective.”
    <frost> she takes the gold and beams, it is probably more than she has seen at once in aquite awhile.
  • Maxim bows in the manner of his homeland
    <maxim> “Maximus Meridius, itinerant adept.”
  • Haal taps his foot as his dino looks at him innocently and makes a chirping sound
  • Vaquero glances down at Haal’s raptor. “Please mind your companion… actually hang on.” He taps his throat and mutters something, then turns to the raptor (Speak with animals) “I am not food. These are not food. We taste like metal and fur and are poison to eat.”
    <elpidius> “Elpidius Theodulus, errant warrior of Kord.”
    <maxim> “The drunkard is Akalyn, a coure eladrin from Arborea.”
    <maxim> “My associate.”
    <maxim> Akalyn stops drinking and waves. “’happy ’our, incoming!”
    <haal> “I apologize, Bowser I told you to stay with me at the table. Honestly how could you still be hungry?”
    <maxim> “Hmm, are those guardinals, by chance?”
    <vaquero> “So we’ve got an artist, a wayward servant of Kord, an itinerant adept, a dinosaur sitter, and…” he glances over towards Samm with a raised eyebrow.
  • Samm stands and makes his way to the lively group of celestial servants “I am Samm…just Samm. This ball of light here is L.A. Still wont tell me his real name. Archons..hmph. I am a Sentinel of the ursine god Bharrai. I have been ordered to accompany you on your journey.”
  • Vaquero nods to Maxim. “Indeed they are… though they’re a bit waOW!” he flinches and glances at his side where the glimpse of a ferret vanishes into his cloak. “They don’t like talking to others or being talked about right now apparently.”
    <maxim> “And an archon. Real heavenly host, eh? Well, let’s work together in jolly cooperation then!”
    <maxim> Akalyn: burps. “It’s not the best I’ve ever drank.”
    <vaquero> “Mustevals, a lantern archon and a courre eldarin. We’re just a dretch and an imp from a full house in gem dragon poker.”
    <elpidius> “What would make it a royal flush?”
    <haal> “Ha-al Solnaeik, not sure why I’m here, just felt a bit of a tug in this direction. Once again I aplogize for Bowser, he’s been rude since hatching.”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Archon? Hmph. Don’t start your holier than thou crap with me.” she’s glaring pretty hard at the other ball of light.
    <samm> LA: “Gambling is not lawful.”
  • Samm “sigh. Give it a rest you overglorified spark”
  • Vaquero raises an eyebrow at the archon. “Under whose law? There’s certainly quite a few casinos in the middle of major cities that would disagree with that.”
    <frost> Bar Keep> " Well hunny, that all depends on where you are, I assure you.. here.. gambling is completely lawful! we even have a few tables in the able if you’re interested "
    <elpidius> “Maybe he means it in a greater sense of the word…it is a he, right?”
    <frost> able = back..
  • Elpidius looks quizzically at the overglorified spark
    <samm> the lantern archon glows brightly and vanishes
  • Elpidius blinks
    <maxim> Akalyn: “See what I mean? Total buzzkills, the lot of them.”
    <samm> “Never mind him..he’s a bit anal”
    <samm> “Nothing wrong with a little fun, as long as no one gets hurt.”
    <maxim> Akalyn turns back into a ball of light herself, having drunk most of Maxim’s booze. “Plus, I can shine way brighter than that!”
    <vaquero> “How can you be anal if you’re a ball of light? He doesn’t have the anatomy for it. I suppose he could be on his period…”
    <elpidius> “Do archons go through such a cycle, though?”
    <maxim> Akalyn: Laughs and bobs in the air at that
    <vaquero> “I meant that he looks like a punctuation mark, so he’s on his period.”
    <elpidius> (I wonder if that’d be know(religion) check)
    <maxim> “All right, joking aside, we’ve got a mission here.”
  • Elpidius laughs
    <elpidius> “Right, let’s get to brass tacks.”
    <maxim> “Orcus. That means undead. Anyone in good with Pelor here?”
    <vaquero> "Anyway, I think we’ve all been gathered here by either divine influence or an elaborate shadow network of the illuminati… and since I see a few ‘dim’ individuals here I’m going to say it’s probably not the illuminati. I think we had best join forces to assist the good people of this town with the travel difficulties nearby.
    <samm> “I wasn’t given much information on what I am to help you do, only that the destruction of the natural balance would be emminent if we failed.”
    <maxim> “I have… contacts… Akalyn, anything you break you’re buying.” the re-manifested Coure stops poking at the glasses over the bar and bashfully goes back into lightmode.
    <haal> “As I said I just felt something pulling me here, I learned long ago not to argue with it.”
    <maxim> “It would benefit the state of affairs around here greatly if we got to the bottom of things, to put it succinctly.”
    <elpidius> “I was sent here by Kord, but I’ve knowledge of Pelor.”
    <vaquero> “Well it seems that each of us has recieved just enough nudging to get us here… or in my case biting my tender bits until I complied. I suppose the first manner of business is to appoint a leader, someone whose plan we follow when there isn’t time for a debate or discussion.”
    <samm> “I humbly bow out of that position”
  • Haal raises his finger to his nose indicating Not it
    <maxim> “Elpidius, you look like a man with some experiance in a fight.”
  • Vaquero looks to Elpidius and Maxim. “Would either of you care to take up the mantle of leadership?”
    <maxim> “What about you?”
    <elpidius> “I’ve not much experience as a leader, I’ve travelled alone for a few years.”
    <vaquero> “I’m not well experienced in combat. I mean, I’ve studied a lot on mixed unit tactics and formation techniques as applicable to a magical environment, but that’s all in theory. I rather distain bloodshed.”
    <maxim> “I’ve lead students before… I suppose career professionals can’t be too much different.”
  • Vaquero nods to Maxim. “If you’re willing to take up the leadership role I’d follow you in this endeavor, as your archon speaks to the quality of your character.”
    <maxim> “Well, I’ll set group policty then, but you have more specialized training that I’ll be drawing upon.”
  • Vaquero nods to Maxim, then turns to the rest of the party. “So Maxim will head the party, and I’ll cover our technical aspects. Any objections?”
    <maxim> “Very well, I’ll take up the role.”
    <frost> Everyone: Spot roll please.
    <frost> DC 26
    <haal> !r 1d20+18
    <fayebot> Haal’s Roll: (6 + 18) = 24
    <maxim> (can I use Akalyn’s spot?)
    <vaquero> Fail.
    <elpidius> r d20+6
    <fayebot> Elpidius’s Roll: (16 + 6) = 22
    <haal> (How long does your Speak with Animals last Vaq?)
    <maxim> r d20+1 Maxim’s spot
    <fayebot> Maxim’s Roll: (17 + 1) = 18
    <vaquero> (24 hours)
    <samm> r 1d20
    <fayebot> Samm’s Roll: (2) = 2
    <haal> !r 1d20+15 Bowser
    <fayebot> Haal’s Roll: (15 + 15) = 30
    <vaquero> (Warlock invocation)
    <maxim> r d20+12 Akalyn’s spot
    <fayebot> Maxim’s Roll: (3 + 12) = 15
    <elpidius> (Damn overgrown lizards)
    <maxim> (she’s drunk, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it)
    <frost> I said everyone, not everything.
    <elpidius> (Coures are people too!)
    <frost> this time is fine but in the future, I will specify if companions get a roll.
    <maxim> (the power of bold compels me! D:)
    <frost> Bowser communicates to Haal that the bar keep seems to be close attention to everyones conversation. that and he wants to know if her name is Peach.
    <vaquero> “Well then Mister Meridius, shall we depart?”
  • Vaquero walks up to the board with the postings of the missing villagers and pulls out a small notepad and a piece of charcoal. With a snap of his fingers the charcoal turns to powder and races across the notepad, creating a greyscale recreation of the board. With a twitch of his thumb the charcoal settles into the paper and he closes the notebook.
    <maxim> “If no one has objections, yes. Akalyn, get down from there.”
    <maxim> “And Mr. Vaquero, please, Mister Meridius was my father. Call me Maxim.”
    <vaquero> “Understood Mister Maxim.”
    <elpidius> “Close enough.”
    <maxim> “Sorry, habit. Vaquero. Everyone.”
  • Maxim gestures and leads the way out, familiar bobbing drunkenly and mumbling about bears behind him.
  • Samm whistles and LA reappears above him
    <haal> “Bowser come.”
    <vaquero> “So… I suppose while we travel we’ll have time to discuss our abilities. I’d like to know what each of us is capable of. Perhaps we should go in alphabetical order. Haal, could you describe for us what powers and abilities you weild in your persuit of light, justice and steak?”
  • Elpidius follows, happy he doesn’t have to deal with a companion
    <maxim> “Oh, before I forget…”
  • Maxim gestures and says a few words in draconic. (Casts Greater Mage armor)
  • Samm stays in the back, listening to the group and watching their mannerisms
    <maxim> (Spell compendium page 136)
    <elpidius> “Ah, thanks for reminding me.”
    <haal> “I’m a ranger and master of beasts, I’m normally a scout, I’ve had extensive training fighting Orcs and Undead.”
  • Vaquero touches his fingers to his heart (dark one’s own luck, fort save), then to his ears (Otherworldly whispers).
  • Vaquero nods. “You seem quite capable in a fight, glad to have you on the team. Elpidius, could you tell us of your capacities?”
  • Elpidius says a small bit of Celestial and places his hands over his torso, covering himself in shining armor (http://i.imgur.com/KPcX7.jpg Greater Luminous Armor, BoED 102)"
    <haal> “By the way Bowser said that woman in there felt… predatory.”
    <vaquero> "Haal, the term is ‘cougar.’
    <haal> “No he didn’t like how close she was and how she kept glancing at us, I think she was listening in.”
    <elpidius> “I am innately divine, wielding both prowess with spell and sword.”
    <vaquero> “Well what else would she do in an empty bar? You can only clean the glasses so many times.”
  • Vaquero nods. “So we have Haal the ranger and Elpidius the spellsword. What of you Maxim?”
  • Haal shrugs, “Thought I’d let you know is all.”
    <frost> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1JRyoVrZsuUmP-YKxFJOFYkgasB0mPVwKChNIweLEwU0/edit?hl=en_US&pli=1
    <maxim> “Well, my being an ‘adept’ was a little white lie.”
  • Samm speaks up from the back “There is the possibility she is the informant for whoever is ransacking travellers. Would be a great spot for overhearing that sort of thing”
    <maxim> “I’m actually a career wizard, working out of the Arcane Order.”
    <maxim> “I have access to all their knowledge, and my own.”
    <maxim> “I specialize in the badass school, conjuration.”
    <maxim> “I dislike blasting enemies into dust like more… warlike wizards, so I specialize in making surrender the only choice they have in the face of my superior magic.”
    <maxim> “And when that doesn’t work, THEN I blast ’em.” wink
    <vaquero> “Very nice. And what of you Samm?”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “M’ a freaking badass death lotus…”
  • Samm chuckles and turns into a polar bear “I do this, and i am a more (looks at maxim) warlike wizard. Sorcerer actually”
    <samm> “I weild the powers of the elemnts to protect nature.”
    <maxim> “Hey, girls like a sensitive man who doesn’t kill first and ask question later.”
    <haal> (You want the companion stats on the table Frost? Mine at least will be fighting a bit)
    <maxim> Akalyn: “No we don’t! hic
    <frost> As you all head out and make your way towards the pass that leads to the valley you can feel the air getting colder, and it seems the vegitation seems to be more and more.. dead.. the closer you get
    <maxim> Akalyn: “He’s a bit squeamish is all.”
    <frost> Haal: Yes please
    <samm> “Hmm…this is bad.”
  • Vaquero nods. “Well we have two who weild the sword, one of which mixes it with the blade and one with divine inclination, two arcane theurges who weild both nature’s blessing and the outsiders wrath. As for myself, I’m an artist traveling under unusual circumstances, but I am well studied in the arcane and religious studies and am a craftsman.”
  • Elpidius casts another spell ‘pon his person (Sign, SpC 189, +4 Init)
    <maxim> (would knowledge: nature help here at all?)
    <frost> I am expecting you all to denote how long these spells last on the sheet.
    <samm> “Oh yeah, peotry was my first love…but apparently no one elses. I find that reciting it in battle helps to keep me calm. I apologize in advance”
    <vaquero> "Although to be honest, my combat knowledge is rather limited. I really can’t stand shedding blood." He motions to his amulet. “Something to keep me from really hurting anyone.”
    <frost> Maxim: Yes
    <maxim> cor
    <maxim> r d20+17 knowledge: nature
    <fayebot> Maxim’s Roll: (4 + 17) = 21
  • Haal pulls the longsword from his side and whispers a word in elvish, the sword lengthens, curves, and seems to grow a string as it shifts into a longbow
    <haal> r 1d20+8 nature
    <fayebot> Haal’s Roll: (2 + 8) = 10
    <haal> (Ah fayebot I love the way you hate me)
  • Vaquero reaches into his backpack and pulls out a lump of metal. “If we’re ever in need of a specialized tool…” he snaps his finger and the lump extends and flatens itself until it forms a short sword of solid iron, a maker’s mark in the hilt showing two ferrets in a circle.
    <maxim> “These plants had the life drained from them. Which suggests sorcery.”
    <maxim> “We’d best detect magic from here on out.”
  • Vaquero balances the shortsword by the pommel on his hand for a moment, then wriggles the fingers on his other hand as it collapses back into a solid ingot of metal that he tosses into his pack.
    <haal> “It’s eerie.”
  • Haal calls Bowser in closer to him
  • Vaquero nods. “Detecting magic, that’s something I can do.” He taps his temples and his eyes glow with a faint azure light. (Detect Magic)
    <maxim> “Mr. Saam, Mr. Elpidius, detect magic with me please.”
    <elpidius> “We should be cautious, but with the might of Kord on our side, I believe we shall be safe.”
    <elpidius> “Of course.”
  • Elpidius detect Magic
    <samm> “Im on it, and LA will keep a constant detect evil up”
  • Maxim gestures s’more with another spell, detect magic.
    <frost> You notice no magic besides each other.
    <maxim> “Akalyn, stay by my side, I could use the magic cirlce against evil.”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Roger roger. hic
    <elpidius> “Doesn’t seem to be any magics at work here besides ourselves.”
    <samm> “La also provides that protection, for reference”
    <maxim> “The spell lasts a few minutes, keep concentrating on it as we walk.”
  • Maxim continues apace deeper and deeper.
    <elpidius> “I also know the spell, might I add.”
  • Samm remains in bear form, as it is comfortable and provides much better protection
    <vaquero> “Well we may want to consider that whatever is causing the troubles here may be aware. Villagers traveling for supplies or trade are a different scale of challenge from four well prepared and heavily fortified adventurers and me.”
    <haal> “Comforting thought.”
    <vaquero> “If we pass through without incident, we may wish to inquire at the next village if they are having similar troubles, then set out back through a route other than the easy trail.”
    <maxim> “Perhaps you have a point. I hesitate to use a drunken coure… Mr. Samm could scout, as he is a bear and would not stand out, would he not?”
    <frost> Knowledge: Nature pls.
  • Haal whispers another word in elven and his bow appears to begin smoking as it chills the air around it
  • Samm changes to a brown bear "Now, i dont stand out’
    <vaquero> “One concern is that we may already be under observation, and his splitting from the group after being seen with us may put him in danger.”
    <maxim> r d20+17 Nature
    <fayebot> Maxim’s Roll: (14 + 17) = 31
    <haal> !r 1d20+8
    <fayebot> Haal’s Roll: (15 + 8) = 23
    <vaquero> r 1d20+8 Knowledge Nature
    <fayebot> Vaquero’s Roll: (4 + 8) = 12
    <samm> r 1d20+12 nat
    <fayebot> Samm’s Roll: (13 + 12) = 25
    <maxim> “I could try scrying on the area if that’s the case. Man, here I thought they weren’t prepared.”
    <maxim> “Hey, if you’re listening, mysterious evil, screw you!” Maxim says in a combination of Celestial, Gnomish and Giant
    <vaquero> “I propose we try the simple ‘walk through it’ as our first method of investigation. If we display too much magic or intent we may appear to be ‘looking for trouble’ and the cause of this disturbance may avoid us.”
    <maxim> “All right, keep advancing. We’ll try something new when we know this doesn’t work.”
    <maxim> “You still drunk or have you moved into hungover yet, Akalyn?”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Hnnng…. actually I’m an outsider dumbass, I don’t need to drink, which means I don’t get dehydrated, which means I don’t get hungover. One of the many reasons why Eladrin are just better than you.”
    <haal> “Humble to.”
    <elpidius> “Saucy.”
    <samm> LA: “Eladrin are archon wannabes”
    <samm> “You know, there is a saying about speaking when you have nothing good to say, LA.”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Hey, don’t hate the speaker, hate the truth.”
    <vaquero> “So, we may as well open the floor to wild conjecture. I’ll start… we’re facing the spirit of a maiden who failed to meet her lover on the other side of these woods and is preventing all others from reaching the other side before her.”
    <frost> As you walk through the valley .. everyone roll a listen check.. DC 10
    <vaquero> r 1d20+3 Listen
    <fayebot> Vaquero’s Roll: (5 + 3) = 8
    <samm> r 1d20 listen
    <fayebot> Samm’s Roll: (8) = 8
    <maxim> r d20+1 Listen
    <fayebot> Maxim’s Roll: (2 + 1) = 3
    <elpidius> r d20+1
    <fayebot> Elpidius’s Roll: (14 + 1) = 15
    <haal> !r 1d20+18
    <fayebot> Haal’s Roll: (4 + 18) = 22
    <elpidius> (Haal and I are earbrothers)
    <maxim> (lol my stat points)
    <elpidius> (Jesus)
    <maxim> (that’s ok, I know more about religion AND nature than either the sentinel or the favoured soul >:C)
    <elpidius> (Why so serious)
    <elpidius> (Why must you one up me?_
    <maxim> (Wizard.)
  • Elpidius glances around, “Laughter…?”
    <maxim> “The BEST medicine!”
    <maxim> “What about it?”
    <elpidius> “I heard laughter.”
  • Haal looks up
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Oh Moradin, spare me.”
  • Vaquero sighs. “Laughter at us or about us?”
    <haal> “I hear it to.”
    <elpidius> “It’s all around us, so I assume at us.”
    <maxim> “Well, the forest is dead and people are missing, so it doesn’t sound like something you’d normally here in here.”
    <haal> “It’s not very evil sounding, it’s melodic.”
    <samm> “Fey”
    <vaquero> “What should we do Mister Maxus?”
    <maxim> “Let’s check it out. Lead the way, Haal.”
    <elpidius> “Why did it have to be Fey?”
    <vaquero> “Fey? My grandmother was a dryad, maybe we can talk this out.”
    <samm> (maxus would blow them up)
    <frost> As you look around you see a figure above you on the edge of the pass " Trip trap trip trap who’se that trippin through our pass? "
    <elpidius> “I don’t trust ’em, too tricky.”
    <frost> As you look around you see a figure above you on the edge of the pass " Trip trap trip trap who’se that trippin through our pass? "
  • Vaquero nudges Maxim forward.
    <maxim> “I am Maximus Meridius, itinerant adept.”
    <maxim> “And my compatriots, of course.”
    <maxim> “Who are YOU?”
    <samm> (i am maxed out in diplo/gather for the record)
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Can’t you at least introduce meee?”
    <frost> a few adept jumps that look goat like, from rock to rock and it stops about 40 feet above and infront of you " Well Maximus Crappiness… What do you offer as toll to pass through withour blessing? "
    <maxim> “Do you take aggravating celestials? Haha, I kid. I didn’t know this was a toll route, what’s the fare?”
  • Vaquero runs his fingers over his brow (Dark one’s own luck, shift save bonus to will)
    <frost> he holds his hands out " We.. well isn’t it obvious.. are the keepers of the pass.. duh! "
    <maxim> “Gold? Services?”
    <samm> “fireball?”
    <elpidius> “Blades?”
    <maxim> “You guys aren’t helping.”
  • Haal whispers to Vaquero, “Perhaps these are the ones responsible for the missing?”
  • Vaquero nods to Haal. “Probably. Fey don’t understand that time passes so quickly for mortals that holding one for a ‘mere’ hundred years is what causes their death.”
    <maxim> any kind of check I should use to identify this thing?
    <samm> LA:" holy crap, we have a genius in our group"
    <vaquero> “Perhaps he’d like a statue of himself with a wench on each arm and an ale in each hand?”
    <frost> He grins at Samm " You wanna play catch yogi? " he then looks back to Maxim and thinks counting all of you " Well, companions, and you… the total would be one thousand five hundred gold peices. "
    <elpidius> “Highway robbery!”
  • Vaquero puts his hand on Maxim’s shoulder. “It’s okay, I’ll pay this.”
    <maxim> “I can feild most of that…”
  • Vaquero steps forward. “So it is agreed, passage for all of us in exchange for one thousand five hundred gold pieces?”
    <samm> “I am but a humble man. I have no fare.”
    <frost> He looks at Elpidius " Well yes… I do believe that is what this is. "
    <elpidius> “Craven curs!”
    <maxim> “You’re new at this, aren’t you? Usually it’s ‘all your money is a fine fare’ or ‘I don’t know, I might stop at the shirt on your back if you ask nicely.’ or the timeless classic ‘kill them all and loot the corpses!’.”
    <frost> he looks to Vaquero and hrms.. " for each of me and my companions.. soo… times .. uhh.. seven…. and legal, real stuff no tricksies "
  • Vaquero reaches into his pack and pulls out a small pouch, placing a single gold coin in it and makes a slight twitch of his fingers. He then holds out the bag. “Please come take your payment.”
    <samm> LA is obviously getting aggravated a thte fey…the fact that they even exist.
    <maxim> Akalyn, being pretty damn old, has seen this one before, and resists smirking.
    <elpidius> (If Elpidius could see LA, he’d agree)
    <frost> bandit> Jumps up and beams pointing at Maxim " And for the wonderful idea! I will let you keep your pants and even your shoes! "
    <samm> (la is glowing brighter and has little arcs of energy lashing out and running over his form)
    <elpidius> “Such generosity from the dead, you should be thankful, Maxim.”
  • Vaquero continues to hold out the pouch. “I don’t believe you can change your word so easily unless your word carries no weight. Last I checked, a fey whose word means nothing is a fey who is nothing.”
    <maxim> “Aw shucks Elpidius, if I figured I was gonna die today I’d have written a will.”
    <frost> bandit > I never gave you my word, And I have changed my mind!
  • Haal ‘s hand goes to a quiver at his side two fingers resting on the fletching of a cold iron arrow
    <maxim> Akalyn: "Fey. Hate those guys. Shut up I know I look like a sprite, I’m not!"
    <elpidius> “It’s the thought that counts, Maxim. I’ll keep track of your possessions for you.”
  • Elpidius smirks
  • Vaquero sighs and steps back behind Maxim. “Too bad.” He puts the pouch away.
  • Samm stands upright and casts shield
  • Maxim also casts sheild.
  • Haal whips his hand out and nocks a cold iron arrow
  • Elpidius draws thy Greatsword (delicious eager keen <3><vaquero> “If I may ask… before we get about the unpleasantness… what happened to everyone else who came this way and couldn’t pay your toll?”
  • Vaquero flexes his left arm as a white blur travels from his cloak into his shield, a ferret with a black spot on her left eye crawling up onto his shoulder.
    <maxim> “Today’s going to be a great day for you…” Maxim starts. “So great, it’ll last the rest of your life!” Akalyn finishes.
    <frost> the bandit smiles and pulls out his pipe, beginning to play it as you hear from someplace else " they passed easily.. they did not have as many goodies as you do. "
  • Haal pulls the arrow back, “So I can shoot him now right?”
    <frost> Everyone everyone Will save please, DC 18
    <vaquero> “It seems we’ve been waylaid for the opposite reason as I suggested earlier.”
    <frost> including companions.. it is against fear.
    <haal> (Ah crap)
    <haal> !r 1d20+2
    <fayebot> Haal’s Roll: (7 + 2) = 9
    <maxim> (is the source evil?)
    <frost> ( no )
    <haal> !r 1d20+3
    <fayebot> Haal’s Roll: (18 + 3) = 21
    <maxim> (k)
    <elpidius> r 1d20+6
    <fayebot> Elpidius’s Roll: (6 + 6) = 12
    <vaquero> r 1d20+17 Will Save
    <fayebot> Vaquero’s Roll: (10 + 17) = 27
    <elpidius> Poo.
    <maxim> r d20+8 Will save
    <fayebot> Maxim’s Roll: (15 + 8) = 23
    <haal> (Haal/Bowser respectively)
    <vaquero> r 1d20+16 Cohort
    <fayebot> Vaquero’s Roll: (6 + 16) = 22
    <maxim> r d20+7 Akalyn will
    <fayebot> Maxim’s Roll: (1 + 7) = 8
    <vaquero> r 1d20+13 Familiar
    <fayebot> Vaquero’s Roll: (20 + 13) = 33
    <samm> r 1d20+10 will
    <fayebot> Samm’s Roll: (6 + 10) = 16
    <maxim> fuck yeah wizard will saves
    <maxim> I gotta get a cloak of resistance…
    <frost> Those who fail your save are paniked for 10 rounds, those who save are shaken for 1 round. ( Bowser, Elpidius, Maxim, and Saam are paniked rest are shaken )
    <maxim> (I passed the Save, Akalyn failed it)
    <haal> (Bowser is fine Haal is panicked)
    <frost> ( you said it was haal then bowser.. the first roll failed not the second )
    <elpidius> “KORD PROTECT ME!”
    <samm> (if this is a compulsion effect, i got a 20)
  • Elpidius will proceed with the fleeings on his initiative turn
    <frost> it is fear.
    <frost> * points up * I stated it before the rolls.
    <haal> (Aye Haal failed the save and is panicked, Bowser passed and is shaken)
    <frost> K. everyone init
    <elpidius> 1d20+8
    <elpidius> r d20+8
    <fayebot> Elpidius’s Roll: (13 + 8) = 21
    <maxim> when rolling for init, I’m going to cast Nerveskitter to give everyone a 5
    <samm> r 1d20
    9 will LA
    <fayebot> Samm’s Roll: (12 + 9) = 21
    <vaquero> !init +2
    <elpidius> Right, 26.
    <fayebot> Adding Vaquero with initiative roll of: 17
    <fayebot> Current Order: 17-Vaquero
    <elpidius> Are we doing !init
    <haal> (Want companion init rolls or go on your turn?)
    <vaquero> It makes it a lot easier
    <elpidius> !init +13
  • Maxim casts nerveskitter! Everyone’s init rises by 5!
    <fayebot> Adding Elpidius with initiative roll of: 16
    <fayebot> Current Order: 17-Vaquero 16-Elpidius
    <frost> !init 0 C
    <fayebot> Adding C with initiative roll of: 12
    <fayebot> Current Order: 17-Vaquero 16-Elpidius 12-C
    <frost> !init +1 B
    <fayebot> Adding B with initiative roll of: 17
    <fayebot> Current Order: 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 12-C
    <maxim> !init +6
    <fayebot> Adding Maxim with initiative roll of: 14
    <elpidius> fayeboat, why you hate me so
    <fayebot> Current Order: 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 14-Maxim 12-C
    <frost> !init +2 S
    <fayebot> Adding S with initiative roll of: 7
    <fayebot> Current Order: 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 14-Maxim 12-C 7-S
    <samm> !init +6
    <fayebot> Adding Samm with initiative roll of: 26
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 14-Maxim 12-C 7-S
    <frost> Haal: It’s own if it will fight.
    <haal> !init
    11 Haal
    <haal> !init 11
    <fayebot> Adding Haal with initiative roll of: 22
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 14-Maxim 12-C 7-S
    <vaquero> Can we get a visual description of the creatures we are facing? It’s 40’ away and we only know it as the ‘figure’
    <haal> !init +7 Bowser
    <fayebot> Adding Bowser with initiative roll of: 21
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 21-Bowser 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 14-Maxim 12-C 7-S
    <haal> “AHHHH Bowser Kill it Kill it!”
    <samm> !init +9 LA
    <fayebot> Adding LA with initiative roll of: 21
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 21-Bowser 21-LA 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 14-Maxim 12-C 7-S
    <vaquero> (I would like to suggest having cohorts and companions go on the init of the master for the sake of combat speed)
    <frost> please place yourselves somwhere on lines 14, 15, or 16
    <maxim> (I’m doing that anyways, familiars act on their master’s turn)
    <frost> ok.. companions on owners turn
    <frost> Who is S?
    <samm> no idea
    <vaquero> !remove 10
    <fayebot> Removing: 7-S
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 21-Bowser 21-LA 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 14-Maxim 12-C
    <frost> !remove 10
    <fayebot> Removing:
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 21-Bowser 21-LA 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 14-Maxim 12-C
    <frost> no no not on here. ugh
    <frost> !init +2 A
    <fayebot> Adding A with initiative roll of: 16
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 21-Bowser 21-LA 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 16-A 14-Maxim 12-C
    <frost> !remove 3
    <fayebot> Removing: 21-Bowser
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 21-LA 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 16-A 14-Maxim 12-C
    <frost> !remove 3
    <fayebot> Removing: 21-LA
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 16-A 14-Maxim 12-C
    <frost> companions go on master’s turn.
    <haal> (kk)
    <vaquero> (Let’s get this show on the road then)
    <vaquero> (May we please have a visual description of what we’re fighting?)
    <elpidius> (Sam is a big boy.)
    <maxim> (actually I made my save, I’m only shaken, my familiar is panicked)
    <frost> As best you can tell it looks like the cross between a man and a goat, it is wearing cloth, nothing heavy, and holding an odd set of pipes.
    <vaquero> And there’s just one?
    <frost> That you see, but you heard a second one.
    <frost> Samm: go
    <samm> (are these evil?)
    <frost> no
    <samm> k
    <samm> samm is panicked like a big dummy
    <samm> LA zaps the satyr with 2 light rays
    <samm> r 1d20
    5 rta
    <fayebot> Samm’s Roll: (5 + 5) = 10
    <samm> r 1d20+5 rta
    <fayebot> Samm’s Roll: (6 + 5) = 11
    <samm> :/
    <vaquero> (Done?)
    <samm> -2 to both of those for shaken
    <samm> so 2 misses iimagine
    <samm> in which case done
    <frost> Haal: go
  • Haal drops his bow and flees screaming in the opposite direction, Bowser bares his teeth and hisses but is unable to get past the bear
    <vaquero> (You can move through an ally’s square as long as you’re not charging or running)
    <elpidius> (It says full speed so I assume he’s running?)
    <haal> (Fleeing at full speed removes me from the map done)
    <vaquero> (The bear is not a 10’ gelatinous cube… so your companion can attack)
    <haal> (Yes but Bowser should charge and pouce for full effect)
    <vaquero> (Better some effect than no effect)
    <vaquero> !order
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 16-A 14-Maxim 12-C
  • Vaquero snaps his fingers at the flute-playing goatman, his flute attempting to yank itself out of his hands and into the air above him.
    <frost> Bowser can get past the bear, you can move through ally spaces so long as you’re not like surrounded by enemies
    <samm> (actually then Samm is off the map too: move 40)
    <haal> (Fine I’ll do it next turn I’m a bit worried about if he’ll be useful at all anyway)
    <vaquero> r 1d20+10 opposed attack roll
    <fayebot> Vaquero’s Roll: (9 + 10) = 19
    <frost> what is the save based on Vaquero ?
    <vaquero> It’s a combat maneuver (Disarm)
    <vaquero> So he’d make an attack roll, str + BAB.
    <frost> !r d20+8
    <fayebot> Frost`’s Roll: (16 + 8) = 24
    <vaquero> (Okay, plan B)
  • Vaquero points his buckler accusingly at the Satyr, his familiar bouncing angrily on his shoulder. “Break it!” A volley of magic missiles fly unerringly towards the flute!
    <elpidius> (Metagaming! No metagaming!)
    <vaquero> r 8d4+8 damage from eight magic missiles, force effect.
    <fayebot> Vaquero’s Roll: (2+4+2+2+1+4+1+3 + 8) = 27
    <vaquero> To the flute.
    <vaquero> (Done)
    <frost> the flute breaks.. but those effected are still under the effect of the fear.
    <frost> he yanks back his flut and glares at Vaquero from behind maxim you hear an infernal odd goat like scream as another creature weilding a bastard sword attempts to headbut Maxim and then swing at him with the blade
    <frost> ( yanks it back and then it is broke )
    <frost> r d20+18 headbut
    <fayebot> Frost`‘s Roll: (13 + 18) = 31
    <samm> (so at a move of 40, i run 160 ft per round for 10 rounds which will be 1600 ft. so i will be a quarter mile away when this wears off)
    <frost> r d20+14 bastard sword
    <fayebot> Frost`’s Roll: (14 + 14) = 28
    <frost> you only run until you feel you are out of danger
    <samm> (which doesnt happen when you are panicking)
    <elpidius> (^)
    <elpidius> (So 10 rounds of full speed ahead, captain!)
    <maxim> (cripes, that might straight up two shot me with attack bonuses that big)
    <frost> r 1d6+4
    <fayebot> Frost`‘s Roll: (1 + 4) = 5
    <frost> r 2d8+4
    <fayebot> Frost`’s Roll: (1+2 + 4) = 7
    <maxim> (or not)
    <elpidius> (It says a random path, how do we determine it?)
    <frost> 12 dmg to Maxim
    <frost> you would run about 40 feet away and there is a small enclave to hide in
    <maxim> “Ow! Quite unsportsmanlike of you.”
    <frost> Elpidius : go
    <elpidius> (That’s only if cornered, though!)
    <frost> or you can just run run run.. up to you.
  • Elpidius 120 feet thataway, the entire time screaming “KORD SAVE US! KORD SAVE US!”
    <maxim> “Burly warrior terrified by small goat men… I’m writing THAT down in my journal.”
    <elpidius> (He isn’t burly, he only has 14 strenth!)
    <elpidius> (strength*)
    <elpidius> (Modified by a belt of strength, but only by 2)
    <frost> The one who’se flute was just blasted begins weaving his hands infront of him as he shoots forward 5 magic missiles at Vaquero
    <frost> r 5d4+5
    <fayebot> Frost`‘s Roll: (4+1+1+3+2 + 5) = 16
    <vaquero> “OW! Ow… OW! OW OW!”
    <frost> !order
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 16-A 14-Maxim 12-C
    <frost> Maxim: your go
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Aiiiiiieeeeeeee-” dashes straight down into the ground, being in incorporeal ball mode
    <maxim> (she’ll run like that for awhile too)
    <maxim> “Right.”
  • Maxim casts defensively!
    <maxim> r d20+15 concentration on sculpted glitterdust! (DC 18)
    <fayebot> Maxim’s Roll: (5 + 15) = 20
  • Maxim drops two cubes of glitterdust around both goat dudes he can see
    <maxim> DC 18 will vs. blinding
    <frost> r d20+10 B
    <fayebot> Frost`‘s Roll: (14 + 10) = 24
    <frost> r d20+13 A
    <fayebot> Frost`’s Roll: (6 + 13) = 19
    <maxim> that’s some good saves. O:
  • Maxim moves away
    <frost> they look at themselves then maxim " do we look like we’re going to try to hide to you?.. eediot "
    <maxim> 5’ step
    <frost> !order
    <fayebot> Current Order: 26-Samm 22-Haal 17-Vaquero 17-B 16-Elpidius 16-A 14-Maxim 12-C
    <maxim> “Hmm, they’re tough. I’ll have to rely on stronger sorcery.”
    <vaquero> “Indeed, we may need to parlay this situation.”
    <samm> (youyr parlayer is running for the hills)
    <frost> from the side of the pass another Satyr appears next to Vaquero he reaches out with one hand attempting to touch him " You have made a grave mistake my child " he speaks, tho snarkily.
    <frost> r d20+13 Touch attack.
    <fayebot> Frost`‘s Roll: (14 + 13) = 27
    <samm> 9oh i wish i wish i hadnt put off Force of Personality until 9th level feat)
    <frost> Vaquero: Will save please.
    <vaquero> Against?
    <samm> (13 melee?)
    <frost> Harm.
    <maxim> holy
    <vaquero> r 1d20
    <fayebot> Vaquero’s Roll: (13 + 14) = 27
    <samm> (preparing backup character…as soon as i figure out what it is)
    <elpidius> (Same.)
    <elpidius> (I’m thinking something from ToB)
    <maxim> oh oh, I’m gonna spellcraft that
    <maxim> r d20+17
    <fayebot> Maxim’s Roll: (17 + 17) = 34
    <frost> Vaquero feels is life force drain away as he takes 60 points of damage ( or down to 1 hp )
    <maxim> “That’s… harm! Then… this foe is beyond any of us. Run!”
  • Vaquero is down to 1 hp.
    <frost> r d100
    <fayebot> Frost`‘s Roll: (9) = 9
    <samm> (if its going to be like this, give us all the half celestial template for free :))
    <vaquero> (Fuck that. If it’s going to be like this I’ll take monster of legend)
    <frost> You all feel a breeze fly by you followed by thuds as arrows soon protrude from your attackers ( I fucked up, didnt realize some stuff )
    <maxim> (I can potentially win this, but it’ll take awhile)
    <samm> 9no you cant)
    <maxim> (Wizard.)
    <elpidius> (Pretty sure I’d die even if I had all my spells up)
    <haal> (Great combat guys)
    <samm> (wizard doesnt amtter. he can kill you in one touch spell)
    <haal> (Samm Elp I think we were the MVP’s did you see how masterfully we fled?)
    <vaquero> (The problem is that the moment you start using ‘save or die’ spells, so do the enemies)
    <samm> 9who did that?)
    <frost> I am sorry for such a crappy first game..
    <vaquero> I have a proposal
    <vaquero> We rewind to hearing laughter, and the past hour falls into the void between masturbating and surfing the internet.
    <haal> (Shit happens)
    <frost> put so much energy into the overlaying story and land you will be going into didnt have time to really create the mobs I wanted fro the first fight.
    <vaquero> (Dude, just ask me for help. I’ve got plenty of time to tweak up an encounter so balanced that it expects you to TRY to kill the party with it)
    <samm> 2 words: monster manual
    <samm> rewind
    <vaquero> So that’s two votes for rewind. Anyone else agree?
    <frost> ok, game is rewound.
    <elpidius> (Space Time Rewind)
    <frost> DM votes rewind..
    <samm> “woah, deja vu”
    <haal> (Works for me)
    <vaquero> “Laughter? Like, someone laughing at us or just laughing?”
    <elpidius> “It’s all around us, so I assume it’s at us.”
  • Haal looks around, “Not sure it’s melodical sound though.”
    <samm> “Fey”
    <maxim> “Right Mr. Samm, we should investigate.”
    <maxim> “In a decaying forest full of disappearing people, laughter doesn’t exactly seem in place, per se.”
    <samm> “We know you are there. Show yourselves”
    <vaquero> “Hmm, well I wouldn’t be suprised if there were fey in a forest like this. Maybe we should keep moving though. We’re here to see what trouble comes for us, not go looking for trouble just yet.”
  • Haal nocks a cold iron arrow just in case
    <elpidius> “I hate fey.”
    <samm> (i feel like we’ve done this bef..OH GOD RUN!!!!)
  • Elpidius keeps his hand at the hilt of his blade, just in case.
    <maxim> Akalyn: “I know right? An eladrin like me is much cooler AND cuter.”
    <elpidius> (OH GOD, KORD SAVE US!)
    <frost> As you all look around, infront of you on a rock smoking a pipe sits an odd humanoid creature, with horns and goat legs " well we hate you too! "
    <elpidius> “How quaint.”
    <maxim> “Nice song, mi amgio.”
    <samm> “to what do we own the pleasure of this visit?”
    <haal> “The ones in the forests aren’t so bad. Of course Elves can go live with them for a time and still you know survive.”
    <samm> owe*
    <maxim> “Don’t mind my compatriots, they’re philistines. Also the coure has pixie envy.”
    <vaquero> “Sounds like pixies really ‘bug’ Arkalyn.”
    <frost> he points behind him " I wouldn’t be wantin to go in there if i were you.. and if you do, might i suggest you leave us a tribute so we can continue to warn others of the folly of going into the valley.. we are but poor meager … good simaritans.. that’s it. "
    <elpidius> “That was terrible, Vaquero.”
    <haal> “Why? What’s in there?”
    <samm> “You require money to sit on a rock and warn people?”
    <frost> Satyr> " Ha.. you think I’ve been in there to know? All i knows is that ain twenty years noone whos gone in has come out "
    <vaquero> “Well I suppose a proper tribute would be in order for the warning. Could you step off the rock for a moment please?”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “I was old when Lloth was still a fiendish spider! I saw orcus go from a quasit to an archfiend! I… none of you are listening anymore, are you?”
  • Elpidius cleans his ear
    <frost> Satyr> I’d rather not, you see around here theres a saying.. move yer feet, loose your seat… or hooves as the case may be.. and I am rather comfortable on this here seat "
  • Vaquero reaches out and pats the top of Akalyn. “Yes… you’re an archon. Good archon. Have an archy treat.” He reaches into his pack and tosses a bone through the lantern.
  • Haal looks to Akalyn, “Something about being old when the stones were young?”
    <vaquero> The ferret-like creature on Vaquero’s left shoulder snickers.
    <vaquero> “Well I think I could make it a tad more comfortable for you, since you’re doing such a fantastic job warning people.”
    <haal> “Maybe a demonstration of your skills would convince him to stand for a few moments?”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Oh the stories I could tell. Hey, you fey like a good yarn right? Ever wonder what Asmoedus was like when he was an archon?”
    <frost> Satyr> that’s all well and dandy.. but what am i gunna feed my children with? a comfortable chair? psh.. you are an odd one.
  • Vaquero sighs. “So you’re telling us to give you some gold and go away. How about this… we’ll just head on past, and we’ll gladly spot you a hundred gold if we return this way. Of course, it would be in your best interest then to tell us all about what’s down there so we come back.”
    <haal> “I think you hurt his feelings, he does seem to like showing off.”
    <frost> Satyr> He shakes his head.. nah… I just want food.. got anything good?
    <elpidius> “We’ve got this archon…”
  • Elpidius sniggers
    <frost> Satyr> What do they taste like.. these.. archons.
    <haal> “Archons are very fatty I hear.”
    <elpidius> “They’re very succulent.”
    <samm> LA: “I assume you are talking abou the chatter box and not me”
  • Vaquero reaches around in his backpack. “Sure, one moment.” He takes the pack off and actually leans into it. “Here it… wait no that’s wood… maybe… ah hah!” He leans out of the pack holding a roasted deer haunch wrapped in large leaves. “Was saving this for a big dinner but you’re welcome to it as thanks for the warning.”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Hey, I’m an eladrin! Y’know? Court of the stars? We’re on good terms with the seelie court, give them a shout for me if you visit.”
    <frost> his eyes glaze over as he wipes his chops.. he motions toward a rock that looks like it could have been used as a small table " Set it there and be gone.. "
    <elpidius> “So you taste like starstuff?”
  • Haal grabs Bowser by the shirt collar, “No I’ll feed you later.”
    <samm> LA: “Ah yes, how did i forget. you are practically a fey yourself”
  • Haal nods as he drags Bowser behind him
    <maxim> “Alas no, I grew up on cheap noodles as an undergrad… so I blow all my dinner money on the best food and have to eat hardtack on the trail.”
  • Vaquero sets the haunch on the stone table. He taps his fingers on the edge of the table as a large bowl of stone rises out of the table to hold the haunch, stone plates, forks and knives clattering out of the stonework and arranging themselves in the proper positions.
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Yeah, but I can do this.” She assumes Coure form. “Hey, check out all these limbs I have! Ooh, I sure do love holding and hugging and breathing the air and seeing the sights and smelling the scents-”
    <elpidius> “Quite a trick you have there.”
    <samm> LA: “That is just a weakness, my dear”
  • Vaquero smiles to Elpidius. “Thank you! I so greatly enjoy crafting, but ‘someone’ says I have to adventure or he’ll bite me again.”
    <samm> LA: “I cant be tied to a rack and tortured for information”
    <vaquero> “Akalyn, I don’t think anyone is interested in making you talk… quite the opposite in fact.”
    <elpidius> “What would you honestly have to say, LA? Be kind to thy neighbor?”
    <samm> LA: “….not the point. I grow tired of this conversation..”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “I can turn into a ball of light again too, dummy. And you can’t dance or anything. You ever tasted roast beef? How about quail eggs? Caviar? Mustard? Bread? No?”
  • Samm chuckles
    <vaquero> “Well then, I suppose we should ward ourselves and venture onward, ’eh Mister Maxim?”
    <maxim> “There’s no stopping her when she gets like this.”
    <maxim> “Hold on.”
  • Maxim rummages in his pocket and pulls out a string of chrome plated prayer beads.
    <maxim> “Lookit! Shiney!”
    <frost> Satyr> Would you all just stop jibber jabbering and get moving so i can get to eating.
    <maxim> Akalyn: “ooooh!”
    <haal> “Please hurry up before this great greedy beast gets free! Bad Dinosaur!”
    <samm> LA: “child:”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “I wasn’t born yesterday.”
    <maxim> “Do you want the shiney or not…”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Ok ok!”
    <vaquero> “Maybe we should all pitch in for a soundproof ghost touch lantern and put Akalyn to ‘productive’ use in the outhouse.”
    <samm> “LA, would you be good if i gave you something shiney?”
  • Haal replaces the arrow in his quiver as Bowser begins trudging along behind him
    <samm> LA: “You are to poor to give me anything, let alone something shiney”
  • Maxim goes on ahead while his familiar is occupied by the shiney.
    <elpidius> “I don’t want to think about a little pixie watching me doing my business…”
  • Vaquero begins trudging as well.
  • Elpidius follows
    <vaquero> “Yeah, he’s really ‘pixie’ about what he watches.”
  • Samm plods along in front, smelling the ground and looking around
    <maxim> “I wouldn’t call her a fey in earshot, coures can play mean pranks.”
    <elpidius> “Stop that.”
    <frost> As you all move on you hear a bunch of hooves, if you choose to look back, you see about 8 satyrs all around the table, nomming on the deer
    <maxim> “Like filling your shoes with scorpions.”
  • Haal reaches into his pack and unwraps what used to be a weasel tossing it to Bowser who snaps it up greedily, “Good boy.”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “I only did that ONCE!”
    <elpidius> “Once too many.”
  • Samm looking back “I should do nature a favor and fireball the lot of them”
  • Vaquero seems quite proud of himself, skipping along with extra bounce in his step. The ferret on his shoulder holds on tightly.
    <haal> “Nature needs Satyrs, they keep the nymphs from taking all you impressionable younger races.”
    <vaquero> “I heard there was once a large body of water that the satyr made hideous though… the goat sea.”
    <maxim> “Ahh nymphs… nature’s fairies.”
    <samm> “Dont get me started on nymphs. People think fey are one with nature, but they pervert it and use it for their own fancy.”
  • Vaquero coughs and glances over at Samm. “My grandmother was a dryad.”
    <samm> “I am sorry for that”
    <samm> “You have obviously overcome it”
    <maxim> “I do think Akalyn’s older than she acts, but getting confused with a sprite is a bit of an issue with her.”
    <maxim> “Hey, Nymphs are people too.”
  • Samm smirks
    <elpidius> “I dunno, they ARE fey right?”
    <frost> After you all have walked for a few hours you finally come to the end of the passage, and it open sup atop a large mountain, the path then leading down, but as far as you can see is nothing but death and decay. the ground black and bones of what used to live here sparsly scattered around.
  • Maxim has no idea at all if Akalyn is 8000 years old or not.
    <haal> “Bowser here and stay close.”
    <elpidius> “Ech, this land reeks of decay and misery.”
    <maxim> “Death is heavy upon this place.”
    <samm> “By the gods. This is an atrocity.”
    <vaquero> “Actuall Maxim, Nymphs aren’t people. They’re nature spirits. Bear in mind that the ‘balance of nature’ is not always some peaceful grove with fairies dancing and laughing along a riverbank. Sometimes it’s a wolf devouring those same pixies as a landslide fouls the river.”
  • Haal grabs his raptor by the head and looks into his eyes, “Do NOT eat anything here.”
    <maxim> “Don’t I know it…” he says sadly.
    <samm> “I only wish i had chosen a path more suited for regrowing and repairing this kind of damage, but alas, it is not my calling to tend, but only to protect.”
    <maxim> “Sorry, pray go on.”
    <vaquero> “Look around for any humanoid bones.”
    <frost> Any of you examine any of the bones you come accross? if so, knowledge nature
    <vaquero> r 1d20+8 Knowledge Nature
    <fayebot> Vaquero’s Roll: (5 + 8) = 13
    <maxim> I’ll examine the BONES and the EARTh
    <samm> r 1d20+12 nat
    <fayebot> Samm’s Roll: (9 + 12) = 21
    <haal> !r 1d20+8 nature
    <fayebot> Haal’s Roll: (11 + 8) = 19
    <maxim> r d20+17
    <fayebot> Maxim’s Roll: (7 + 17) = 24
    <samm> “Vaquero, you impress me with your grasp of nature’s true identity”
    <maxim> “Hey Samm, don’t let your ‘calling’ define who you are. Be your own man! You want to tend, tend the hell out of things.”
    <maxim> “You’re more than a person on a mission, you know.”
    <vaquero> “Like I said, my grandmother was a dryad. A fire burned her grove, but she took an old axe and chopped down the trees around her to form a fire break to save herself.”
    <samm> “Not how it works my friend. I have not the skill nor the spell power to heal this.”
    <samm> “alas, dear maxim, I am a person on a mission. i have forsaken material possesions and given my life in service of Bharrai. I do what he tells me and i go where he tells me. it is the life i have chosen”
    <samm> LA: “Lucky me”
    <maxim> “Akalyn was not speaking falsely, the Eladrin have the strongest connection to the fey among the celestials.”
  • Vaquero starts looking through the bones for any humanoid bones.
    <samm> LA: “Like i said, she is practically a fey herself”
    <maxim> “Practically is not the same as ‘is’ and you know it, you little semantics muncher.”
    <frost> Vaquero: you find a few here and there.
    <samm> “Needless to say this is unnatural. No scavengers grazed here.”
  • Maxim is talking to the archon.
  • Vaquero picks up the bone and activates his gloves, determining aspects of the previous owner; race, gender, age, alignment, but most importantly, how it how gained or lost the object.
    <vaquero> (Should reveal the cause of death)
    <frost> Vaquero: sees a young elf of about 150 years old, neutral, male… and then when it comes time to recieve information on how he lost it.. it simply goes black.
    <samm> LA: “ill be back in a bit. Ive had all of this stench i can handle for the moment”
    <maxim> “I don’t see any marks indicating trauma on the things that have died. They may have been poisoned, though I doubt poison would suck the life out of trees this fast.”
    <samm> LA vanishes, using greater teleport to go a 1/2 mile ahead and scout from teh sky; well within empathic range
    <vaquero> “Hmm, there’s some potent magic at work here.”
    <samm> (spellcraft?)
    <frost> Samm: nothing but baren waste.. but a small dot.. probably two days away.. it might be the remains of what might have or still may be a town
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Well this place sucks.”
    <vaquero> “Something blocked my garnering information about how this person died… very specifically. A blanket block I could understand as static or residue, but this was specific. I suggest we remain on guard and continue onward.”
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Maxim, I don’t like anything that can kill this much in this big an area this fast.”
  • Samm will give permission to teleport several thousand feat above it and check it out
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Hey, where’d the self-righteous one go?”
    <frost> it is a town, but she cannot tell what is in it… but there is some feint movment
    <maxim> Akalyn assumes the form of an incorporeal ball of light as well.
    <samm> "LA has discovered barren waste for 2 days travel, but he is checking out a ‘dot’ in the distance
    <samm> LA pops back in “There is a town 2 days travel ahead. I detected movement but dared not venture closer.”
    <maxim> “Two days travel? Haha, more like two hours, thanks to the power of phantom steeds.”
    <samm> LA: “I was being useful, eladrin”
    <samm> “LA did something useful, prepare for the arrogance”
    <maxim> “Do you think it would be wise to explore the town or keep checking the barrens, Vaquero?”
    <vaquero> “If you can summon that many steeds, it would certainly allow us to reach it before nightfall.”
    <samm> LA: “I dont need this.” (vanishes)
    <maxim> “Unfortunately, I can only summon two.”
    <vaquero> “I believe checking out the town is the best course of action. If there are answers to be found, that’s where we’re likely to find them.”
    <frost> - END GAME -
    <samm> “Touchy touchy. He is still close. He likes to pretend he doesnt care about me.”
    <elpidius> Right, end of game
    <elpidius> Night .
  • Elpidius (Warduck@584b9aea.dsl.wotnoh.3e6fd2e2.net.hmsk) has left #Ragner (Push the button, Frank!)
    <maxim> Akalyn: “Haha, archons. You guardinals are way cooler.”
    <maxim> Ak: “Almost as cool as me!”
    <vaquero> Good party, lots of interesting characters.
    NOTICE: Automatic Ghosting has been reactivated.
  • Vaquero is now known as TheWyrm
  • Maxim is now known as Chrononaut
  • Samm is now known as rfindlay
    <chrononaut> ok, if we’re staying overnight
    <chrononaut> I have a rope trick
    <chrononaut> or if you want I could ask the order
    <chrononaut> for a tiny hut spell
    <thewyrm> Aghem
    <thewyrm> Vaquero
    <thewyrm> Tiny hut my ass. I’ll be bulding a fucking MANSION. a real one.
    <rfindlay> samm needs no shelter
    <chrononaut> oh yeah
    <chrononaut> oh yeahhh
    <rfindlay> surprise that
    <chrononaut> dammit magnificent mansion
    <chrononaut> isn’t for like
    <chrononaut> ever
    <thewyrm> brb
    <chrononaut> You won this round but I’ll be back!
    Session Close: Fri Jan 20 21:01:48 2012

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